Genealogy Adventures

Can you handle the truth?

Do you help those who were adopted?

At present, while we would sincerely enjoy working with adoptees, we feel there are long-established services who can support adoptees in the search for their birth parents. We will always be happy to freely recommend specialists in this area.

How long does the research take?

The length of time it takes to complete the research is unique to each project. Some factors that determine how long a research project takes are:

  • how much information the client already knows about his or her ancestors
  • what particular information the client wants to find out, and in what detail
  • the availability of records

When is payment due?

A retainer fee of three hundred fifty (350) dollars is due along with the signing of the contract. This retainer includes up to ten (10) hours of time before an hourly fee of thirty-five (35) dollars is charged. The retainer will be used to evaluate previous research and organize a research plan to address your specific research problem. Any funds not used toward evaluating your current information and creating a plan will be applied to further work as outlined in the contract. 

How do you accept payment?

Payment will either be by PayPal (email address), PopMoney digital payment service, check, or money order.

Do you transcribe documents?

We can transcribe documents that are written in English. Older documents, such as those written in the 1600's (Secretary Hand), can be extremely difficult to read.  

Do you research Native Americans?

As an African American with ancestors from the South Carolina region researching Native American ancestry is necessary. We are able to access over 30 different records pertaining to Native American research. However, because we are efficient with our work we will say that our research on Native Americans is limited.

Can you find Enslaved Ancestors?

Yes. All genealogist have encountered that proverbial brick wall. Whether it is slavery, the holocaust, mixed race children or any other event or circumstance that seems to cause a problem with researching we have encountered it. 

What is Genetic Genealogy and why are you limited in this research?

There are many facets when going into Genetic Genealogy. When studying your genetics, other family members should test as well. The more family members who test, the better your results. Basic Genetic Genealogy helps break down the brick walls you come across when researching or even trying to find your enslaved ancestors. We will not, however, be able to do more advanced work such as DNA triangulation.