Genealogy Adventures

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Areas of Genealogy Research Expertise

American Ancestral Research

  • Colonial Era American family research,
             including colonial frontier ancestors
  • Free people of color
  • Enslaved African-descended people 
  • American Mass Migrations from the
             southern United States to other parts of
             the country
  • General American genealogy research
  • Genetic Genealogy (limited)

European ancestral research

  • English, Welsh, Scottish, and
             Irish genealogy
  • French genealogy (limited)
  • German genealogy (limited)

Typical genealogy records we source, if available

  • Vital records (birth, baptism, marriage,
             and death records)
  • Social security application information
  • Newspaper articles
  • Antiquarian lineage books (the UK, Ireland,
             France, and Germany)
  • Family bible records
  • Miltary records
  • Probate records
  • Property records

Genealogy Subject Videos

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Using FTDNA Chromosome Browser raw data + MS Excel for your research

1866 Cohabitation Records :
Register of Colored Persons

Freedman's Bank Records